EP Engineering Plastic Compound Bushing

Product Characteristics

Basic Type Engineering Plastic EP Compound Bearing
Material Engineering Plastic with Fibre and Lubricants
Types Plain Type Sleeve / Flange Bushing
Product Code DOB-EP Series
Diameter: from 3 to 150 mm,and length from 3 to 100 mm
Max.PV(dry): 0.4 N/mm²*m/s
Density: 1.46
Working Temperature: -70°C ~ +120°C

Standard Engineering Plastic Bushing Material EP Series

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Standard EP Cylindrical Bushing

plastic cylindrical bushing

Standard DOB-EP Metric Cylindrical Bushes List

*Tolerance d after being pressed into housing H7 (DIN149)

*Cylindrical bushings of inch size available

Recommend fitting tolerance: Housing H7 ; Shaft h9

Engineering Plastic Bushing

Introduction to Our Engineering Plastic Compound Bearings

Our engineering plastic compound bearings represent a new generation of materials engineered to deliver exceptional performance across a variety of applications. These bearings boast a range of special characteristics including superior mechanical properties, excellent electrical insulation, robust chemical resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, and dimensional stability. When compared to traditional metal materials, our engineering plastics offer significant advantages such as ease of processing, high production efficiency, lightweight, cost-effectiveness, and noiseless operation.
Material Features and Advantages:
Our EP series of engineering plastics are reinforced with various intensifiers and lubricants, maintaining their inherent properties while enhancing mechanical performance and friction characteristics. These materials exhibit:
- Excellent Sliding and Wear Resistance: Ideal for applications requiring smooth motion and durability.
- Wide Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for high-intensity environments.
- Dimensional Stability and Corrosion Resistance: Ensuring reliable performance in harsh conditions.
- Maintenance-Free Dry Operation: Reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
- Low Friction Coefficient: Providing efficient and smooth operation.
Product Characteristics:
Our oilless sliding bushings, made from EP series materials, offer several key benefits:
Maintenance-free dry operation
Excellent wear resistance and low friction
Low moisture absorption and chemical resistance
Effective insulation properties
Performance in dirty environments
Space-saving and lightweight design
Compatibility with various shaft materials
Exceptional cost-efficiency
Suitability for reciprocating, oscillating, and linear motions
Food industry compatibility

Chemical Resistance of Engineering Plastic Bushing

Resistant: + ; Limited Resistance: (+); Not Resistant : -

Application Examples:

plastic bushing applications
DALON Plastic Bushing Applications:
The versatility of our EP series bushings makes them ideal for numerous applications, including:
Automotive Industry:
- Enhancing performance and reducing maintenance in vehicle components.
Office Automation (OA):
- Improving the efficiency of office machinery.
Agricultural Machinery:
- Providing durability and reliability in harsh farming environments.
Textile Industry:
- Reducing costs and improving productivity by replacing metal bearings.
Performance Metrics:
PV Value:
- Maximum PV value in dry conditions: 0.4N/mm*m/s.
- Optimal for low load and low-speed rotating motions.
- Improved performance with lubrication, increasing speed by 1-3 times.
Bearing Load:
- Suitable for different static loads depending on temperature.
- Continuous work temperature: up to 80°C.
- Average surface pressure: 40N/mm.
Working Temperature:
- Short-term operation (up to two hours): up to 120°C.
- Optimal wear performance at 50°C, with wear increasing proportionally with temperature.
Used in steering columns, pedal assemblies, door hinges, and suspension systems where durability and noise reduction are crucial.
Applied in control systems, actuators, and landing gear assemblies, where high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance are essential.
Ideal for use in conveyors, assembly lines, and heavy-load equipment, offering low maintenance and high performance in dirty or abrasive environments.
Used in tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems, where exposure to dust, soil, and chemicals demands robust and durable bearings.
Suitable for rudder assemblies, winches, and pulley systems, benefiting from corrosion resistance in salty and humid environments.
Applied in wind turbines and solar panel tracking systems, where they withstand variable loads and harsh weather conditions.
Utilized in processing and packaging machinery, where non-toxic, clean, and maintenance-free components are required.
Used in medical equipment and devices, where precision, cleanliness, and reliability are paramount.
Why Choose EP Series Bearings?
Our EP series bearings are designed for environments where traditional lubrication is impractical or impossible. They offer outstanding performance, durability, and cost savings, making them the preferred choice for various industries. Experience the reliability and efficiency of our engineering plastic compound bearings, tailored to meet the demands of your specific applications.

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