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The scale of downstream industries is expanding rapidly, and the industry market prospects are broad.
Powder metallurgy is an industrial technology that produces metal powders or uses sintered iron metal powders as raw materials to produce metal materials, composite materials and various types of products through shaping and sintering.

Today, powder metallurgy technology has been widely used in fields such as transportation, machinery, electronics, aerospace, weapons, biology, new energy, information and nuclear industries, and has become one of the most dynamic branches of new material science.
It has a series of advantages such as significant energy saving, material saving, excellent performance, high product precision and good stability, and is very suitable for mass production. In recent years, China’s powder metallurgy industry has continued to develop steadily. By 2021, the national P/M industry market size will reach 16.6 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 5.1%, an increase of 2.8 billion yuan from the domestic powder metal market size in 2017.
Carbonyl iron powder is an indispensable metal raw material in the powder metal machinery manufacturing industry. P/M parts made of iron powder are widely used and have good economic benefits. With the continuous growth of the powder metallurgy market, the future market for hydroxyl iron powder will be The scale of demand will also continue to expand.

Development status

Supply capacity is gradually increasing, and sales volume maintains steady growth. China‚Äôs milling industry started around 2000, and has a short development time. 

With the continued good development of the national economy, support from national industrial policies, and the demand for carbonyl iron powder and other powders in the downstream market Driven by increasing demand, the domestic carbonyl iron powder industry has ushered in rapid development. The number of companies entering the industry has gradually increased, and the scale of some companies has continued to grow. By optimizing technology and processes to improve output rates, the company’s product supply capabilities have continued to increase. Carbonyl iron powder is mainly used in powder metallurgy, soft magnetic materials, magnetic fluid polishing, diamond tools, radar absorbing materials, cemented carbide, chemical catalytic synthesis, anti-counterfeiting coatings, pharmaceutical formulations (nutritional iron supplements, multivitamin agents), food Additives and animal feed and other fields. With the continuous expansion of the industrial scale of the downstream application field, the sales volume of carbonyl iron powder in China is on the rise.

Development trend

The scale of demand is gradually expanding, and the market share is gathered by leading enterprises. With the development of the domestic carbonyl iron powder industry, the number of enterprises entering the industry has increased, and the degree of market competition has continued to intensify. Since the downstream of the carbonyl iron powder industry is mainly used in high-end fields such as power tools, diamond tools, electronic products, high-end automotive precision parts, radar wave absorption and signal shielding, it is closely related to the development level of the national economy. 

If the downstream industry is affected by the market and macro The impact of policy changes has led to blocked demand, which will have an adverse impact on carbonyl iron powder companies through the industrial chain. At the same time, in recent years, national environmental protection and production safety policies have become increasingly strict, upstream raw material prices have fluctuated significantly, and labor and operating costs have Under the influence of multiple factors such as rigid increases, the production and operation costs of enterprises continue to increase. Enterprises need to have strong financial strength and stable supply channel resources to enhance their comprehensive anti-risk capabilities. This will have a negative impact on companies with weak capital turnover capabilities and lack of channel resources. form certain barriers for small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, with the rapid development of new processes such as downstream powder metallurgy injection molding and 3D printing and the continuous expansion of application fields, the requirements for metal powder materials in downstream applications have become complex, diversified, and personalized. In order to meet the needs of the market, carbonyl iron powder companies need to accelerate the development of new products that effectively meet market demand based on years of accumulated R&D innovation and core technology experience. This will form technical barriers for companies that lack technical experience and have differences in R&D direction and market demand.

Competition Situation

As competition in the carbonyl iron powder industry continues to intensify, small and medium-sized enterprises with weak comprehensive competitiveness continue to exit, while leading companies with advantages such as brand, scale, customers, channels, and funds will occupy more market shares, and future industry concentration will continue to improve. 

The scale of the downstream industry is expanding rapidly, and the market prospect of the industry is broad Carbonyl iron powder uses sponge iron and carbon monoxide as the main raw materials to synthesize carbonyl iron. It is a micron-level and sub-micron-level elemental pure iron powder produced using carbonyl complex thermal decomposition technology. It is a multi-functional ultra-fine metal powder material. Due to its unique production process, carbonyl iron powder does not contain other harmful impurity metals. It has the characteristics of high purity, fine particle size, onion layered fine structure, smooth spherical surface, good fluidity, high reactivity, etc. It has special characteristics such as excellent magnetic properties. function. The iron core produced using carbonyl iron powder has low hysteresis loss, eddy current loss and magnetic property loss, and has the characteristics of good thermal and magnetic stability, high mechanical strength and strong weathering resistance, and can be used to produce high-quality Density or fully dense high performance products. According to the different post-processing and added ingredients of the product process, the carbonyl iron powder series products can be divided into carbonyl iron basic powder, carbonyl iron reduced powder, carbonyl iron alloy powder, carbonyl iron phosphating powder, etc. From the perspective of the industrial chain, the upstream raw materials of carbonyl iron powder are mainly carbon monoxide gas and sponge iron; the midstream is the production and manufacturing of carbonyl iron powder; the downstream is made into various end of sintered iron powder products through metal injection molding (MIM), 3D printing processes, etc. It can be widely used in aerospace, military industry, automobile industry, consumer electronics, precision instruments and power tools, medicine and food and other fields.

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